Artipic 2.9.1

What's new

This version is designed to boost application performance across multiple operations. You can make up your large photos much faster and with no waiting time for the actions to be applied. The processing time for some operations is now x10 shorter.
Now, all the main actions and tools are optimized to work much quicker, even for high-resolution pictures. For example, filter based functionality got significantly faster – applying Gaussian blur, box blur, shadows and vignettes now takes only a moment, not ages. We have also introduced a new Lanczos based image-resizing tool.
In addition to that we applied other under-the-hood improvements and resolved some bugs based on your feedback.

Other improvements

  • Pen tool appearance organized
  • Crop issue in batch processing fixed
  • Batch processing switch mode issue fixed
  • Multi copy-paste issue fixed
  • Help menu issues fixed

Artipic 2.9

Improved workspace

In this version we are introducing major improvements to the workspace. With tabs it is now much easier to work with multiple documents. We also reworked some elements so more screen space is available for your photos.

  • Documents now open in tabs
  • Rulers are now hidden by default
  • Zoom control and image size have been moved to the top bar
  • We moved some menu items around so it’s easier to find what matters

Better painting and retouching

We have tremendously improved brushes in this update:

  • Painting and retouching just got easier with a new brush hardness control
  • Switch foreground and background colors quickly with ‘X’ shortcut
  • When using brushes, press and hold ‘Alt’ key to enable eyedropper

Other improvements

  • Clicking within the color picker will now change foreground color
  • New Layer dialogues are skipped now
  • We improved selection tools so they are a tad easier to use
  • We added preview when editing text color

Artipic 2.8

Artipic now comes in Basic and Full version

Now, you can continue to use Artipic if your trial expires. In this case, the app will be downgraded to the free Basic version that doesn’t include advanced features like Layers, Refine Selection, Color Range, among others. You can buy or upgrade to Full version anytime.

New feature: Comparison Preview

You can now use side-by-side comparison to check how Adjustments and Filters look before and after.

Enhanced app interface

We have updated the app interface. Now it puts more focus on the images you edit.

Submit your feedback

From time to time, the app will ask you for feedback. We’ll use this to improve Artipic for you.

Artipic 2.7

Enhanced color panel

With the new color panel you can easily select and use color for various operations, as well as keep recent colors for further use.

Ultra HD monitors

Ultra HD monitors a fully supported now.

Panel management improvements

Panel management is improved and now matches the Photoshop panel behavior.

Bugs fixed

  • Revert issue fixed
  • Text tool “!” symbol issue fixed
  • Brush size issue fixed
  • Crop “fixed size” issue fixed
  • Watermark issue fixed
  • “Show in folder” issue fixed

Artipic 2.6

White balance

With the white balance module you can easily correct photos that are darker or brighter than they should be (overexposure and underexposure corrections). You also can easily correct photos taken with a wrong color balance.

Action history

Action history panel shows allows you to revert the image back to a particular action with a simple click

Recent files and favorites

By pressing “F5” button you’ll get a list of recently opened images. It contains image thumbnails and the main image info (like name, location and dimensions). You can also mark any image as a favorite by dragging it up to the Favorite zone.


Printing capabilities have been extended. Along with standard parameters like orientation and DPI, it allows you to apply flexible scaling and positioning.

Performance improvements

Performance of some operations has been improved

Artipic 2.5

Gradient preview

The gradient tool now works in a “live” mode so that you can see and adjust a gradient before applying it. A gradient appearance can now be adjusted by dragging it over an image and can be applied when the result looks satisfactory.

Popup sliders

When the user clicks an edit box on a toolbar, a slider pops up. It helps to adjust the parameters easier just by dragging the slider.

Screen panning

It is now possible to easily scroll an image any direction without interrupting an operation. The user just presses and holds the space bar, scroll the image by dragging it, release the space bar and continues the operation.

Manual crop adjustment

It is now possible to fine-tune crop sizes by manually adjusting it via edit boxes / sliders

Proportional transformation

A keyboard shortcut for proportional transformation has been added. You can press and hold the shift button to activation this function.

Toolbar functionality improved

Sets of controls on toolbars are now adjusted so it is much easier to perform operations

Bugs fixed

  • Blur on alpha channel issue fixed
  • Saving layers to a format that doesn’t support layers resolved
  • Insufficient memory issue fixed