Artipic 2.9

Improved workspace

In this version we are introducing major improvements to the workspace. With tabs it is now much easier to work with multiple documents. We also reworked some elements so more screen space is available for your photos.

  • Documents now open in tabs
  • Rulers are now hidden by default
  • Zoom control and image size have been moved to the top bar
  • We moved some menu items around so it’s easier to find what matters

Better painting and retouching

We have tremendously improved brushes in this update:

  • Painting and retouching just got easier with a new brush hardness control
  • Switch foreground and background colors quickly with ‘X’ shortcut
  • When using brushes, press and hold ‘Alt’ key to enable eyedropper

Other improvements

  • Clicking within the color picker will now change foreground color
  • New Layer dialogues are skipped now
  • We improved selection tools so they are a tad easier to use
  • We added preview when editing text color